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Going to K-tec Racing on Friday...

Anybody else going from the boards going to be there ? I am just going for a look really to see if I can find it, not sure if I will buy anything yet but if you are going then I may see you there.
  190 BHP Willy 2

Dont even know where it is fella.

Suppose i could just look on there web site to find. lol

  7.6cc :D

Dai, im going on Saturday morning, cant you put it off till then and come and keep me and my mom company? :D

Jilly, that is the best offer I have had this week..... maybe EVER !

Unfortunately because I am that random Welsh bloke I have to go back to Swansea on Friday afternoon and I was going to go there on my way home from Bournemouth.

What you getting from there then ? Any nice Xmas pressies ?

Have a time down there Jill!, ask Dave if hes got any ideas what his thoughts are for the next mods to my car, head&cams or or has he got sommat different in mind? ;)

Exhaust eh ? Very nice ! I gotta start modding my car soon ! May buy some nice clear indicators tomorrow, anybody know how much your insurance goes up by fitting these babies ?
  7.6cc :D

Thank you John :cool: ill try and remember to ask that!

Its no joke about insurance Dai, Direct Line would probably charge me for my clear indicators if i told them!!! They have just had £64 of me because im having a new exhaust!:devilish:


they said im not allowed to have tinted windows on my current policy :( but my insurance is up in April, so ill have to search around!

That is what puts me off the mods is the insurance costs ! Are there any companies that do not charge for mods ? It is ridiculous the prices they charge ! I mean.... £135 for wheels Tesco wanted ! The car comes with alloys and they charge you even if you change them to the same size ! Grrrrr !

With Viper, Chip, Lowered, Exhaust and Alloys, can you imagine how much more they would charge !?!!?!?!?!?!?!?
  Lionel Richie

Thats if you tell them!!!!! They only know about my wheels and my stereo, that leaves the suspension, exhaust, induction kit and tints!!!!!!!!!

I will be at K-tec on one of the days as I have to show them what the Combat rear bumper looks like on my car! Either late friday afternoon or early saturday

For the indicator question, buy 2 pairs and dont insure them.

Insurers charge on how much youve spent on the alloys, not how flashy they are!

If i had the money to insure mods i would be up there at k-tec with you flashing the cash!!

Rob, I hope your first statement was a joke as I was not seriously asking if they affect my premiums, just messing about ! The only reason I ask is cos you had no smiley faces on your post to suggest it was a joke ?

Fred, I dont want to tempt fate or anything *touches wood* but what happens if your car is stolen or you have a crash ? You stand to lose ALOT of money ?

lol no, im just thick :oops:

And i agree, my mates car was stolen and the exhaust was ripped off. I wouldnt insure an induction kit tho as that can be put back after a crash.

OK, cool mate ! LOL !

It just bothers me to think that by not paying the extra how ever many £££s per month to insure the mods I could jeapordise the £12,000 that I paid for the car, it is a lot of money to lose !
  Lionel Richie

If they can nick my car, they can have it!!!! CAT1 Alarm+immobiliser plus CAT3 steering lock + security film tints + i park it in awkward to nick form places (against walls, lamposts etc) I once drove round Birmingham for 30mins once looking for a parking spot with a camera!!!!