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Golf GTi’s

ha ha. thats a powerful diesel mind.....

i raced on of these gtis the otherday as i thought theyd be faster higher up the speeds.... well...... it was bye bye golf all the way to ummm... *10mph when it was tooo far behind so i slowed down

1.8 Turbo Golf is not the fast and engaging machine the reputation or heritage would suggest. Ive raced a GTi petrol turbo (150bhp) and a GT TDi (150bhp) and can safely say that the diesel one is quicker - and probably cheaper too!

I dont think any real hot hatch fans would touch a Mk4 VW Golf for anything but perceived image and build. Anyone who thinks that the Golf is an exclusive car needs their head examined - it was the worlds best selling car in 2001 - beating the Toyota Corolla off top spot for the first time.

hey finally somethin i m good at. i have driven or own all of the current Mk4 golf except the 150tdi diesel.

I had a V6 golf its just smooth n refine thats all not fun even with 4 motion gets into understeer pretty early for 4wd... 1.8T Gti as standard is very weedy against 172. 172 will eat standard Gti everyday anywhere. V5 is grunty sound like those Audi Quattro coupe. Little tiny bit faster than 1.8T (becoz the turbo got a very flat torque curve) but still 172 eat it for .. snack? its got 170hp too but much heavier. Plus Golf suspension is not "sporty" even with OEM sports suspension add on. Gets in to understeer early... its more for family cruise around or wutever n the occasionaly squirt but definately NOT sporty.. but 1.8T can bring trouble on straight line if they touch those "oettinger, MTM" kit or wutever is available they can get quite alot of HP but burnin rubber quite a bit too.

quickest stock (except the R32 Golf) the V6 will be quick but the engine runs out of breath up high in RPM (like all VW engines really). But I was able to creep in a 3rd gear start so that is quite a bit of torque down low. So its just all built around "comfort" sporty really came last on the list.

If u drive a 172 the only reason u want a V6 or wutever golf is becoz u want smooth, comfortable and better build.

R32 Golf is a alternative to the Cloi V6..... but very different car the two all together. One is HOT hatch (V6 clio) n the golf is more like..... a new S3

sorry v.long air
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The Golf V5 is, in my humble Op, a lovely car, just not a very sporty one. That V5 engine suits the car better than any other of VAGs petrol units. But the steering is hopelessly light on the V5. My mates wife has one and I wanted one myself until I drove it.


yeah i have to admit, i had a mess about with a weird one, a gti tdi?!?! anyway i have to say, they seem quicker in the higher gears than the norm gtis. still smashed it tho! was only gainin slowly in 4th, but when i hit 4,000rpm it was bye bye!!!
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Golf GTi is a 1.8 Turbo

mailto:110kW@5700"> 110kW @ 5700rpm

mailto:210Nm@1750"> 210Nm @ 1750 - 4600rpm

0 - 100kph (0 - 62mph) - 8.5 seconds

Top Speed - 210kph (130mph)

As much as I like golfs, they just dont have the performance...I mean come on my little 1.4 16V will do a 0-100kph in about the same time as the 2.0 Golf

I heard a rumour somewhere that the UK are the only people to put the GTI badge on the new 2.0 litre golf, dunno if that is rubbish or not.

thats true i heard some UK 2.0 got GTI badge...... for some reason there was one period where 2.0 golf was stated as Gti in the UK (from some magazine could be wrong)

VW doesnt do a lot of high power tuning to their engines. So what it say is what you get . Oh yeh if u ever run against some golf check if they are modded n so forth especially those 1.8Ts coz they are easily capable of 280hp, actually I was goin to put a supercharger on my V6 4 motion but heck insurance wouldnt work so sold it that would have been 300hp n 4 wheel drive :p

Quote Warren172: I heard a rumour somewhere that the UK are the only people to put the GTI badge on the new 2.0 litre golf, dunno if that is rubbish or not.

Here on Mexico you can buy a Gti 2.0 or a Gti 1.8T.

BTW, the price for the 2.0 it is the same that they ask for a 172.