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Golf Gti 2.0

Ive just been out in my mates brand new golf gti.. The build quality is really good but I wasnt impressed with the performance and the lack of toys

But a really nice crusing car


  Shiny red R32

Manchester looked VERY wet the other night for the closing of the Commonwealth Games!

Up here in Scotland we are basking in a heatwave! Arent we BenH?

Erm...I guess for Scotland maybe!

The 2.0 115bhp GTi doesnt deserve the badge if you ask me. It doesnt get it abroad - its simply a 2.0 badged Golf (so if you see a 2.0 badged Golf, its an import).

My girlfriends dad has one and its basically tuned to deliver loads of torque at low revs, rather than being a screaming high-rev sports model like the 16v or 172. It does 0-60 in 10.5 seconds and would probably have trouble pulling away from a Clio 1.4 8v RT. Its quite a lot slower in fact than a Mk1 Golf GTi (a la 1977 if Im correct).

Id never put my money in one unless I was living in the city, where speed just did not matter. Its just a shame as its damaging VWs reputation even more as a credible hot-hatch maker to keep it badged as a GTi.

On the plus side, its very well built and finished - but then so are Renaults these days.