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Golf VR6 v’s 16v

I know the VR6 is faster but how much faster. My mate ownes one and was wondering if there is as much difference as you would think?

I been in my mates and although it seems fast i dont think it is as good as you would think they would be. I reckon they would do 0-60 in 7.3/7.4! Is this realistic?

Would a willy beat 1?


top end i suspect the VR6 would leave the clio...

mine didnt ever seem to stop accelerating over 100.....

around 7 seconds is about right for the vr6 so is that similar to the williams ?

they are deceptively quick... people dont expect them to be but all of a sudden they discover that the "golf" they were following is a tad quicker than they expected....

unfortunately i didnt have my little digi video cam when i had the Highline so I never got any videos of it in action.. sorry.

i think throught the gears it would leave alot of cars, when my mate had his it would accelerate HARD up to 145-150mph, throw you back in your seat at every gear change

it certainly was a quick car....

its all comparitive isnt it really...

depends how you drive......

i didnt come across any cars that "beat" me in the Golf.... as ive said before , i dont go out looking for races but i generally try to get off the lights quicker than everyone else just as a matter of course !!!

never came up against a 172 though unfortunately so the comparison I make now is only based on how i think the cars compare !

I drove a V6 4motion to the south of France and back and I can assure you they are rapid...

Most certainly faster than a williams, half a second quicker to 60.

The main difference I noticed is that the V6 has got masses and masses of grunt, just goes in any gear at any time... exactly what you need for fast road driving... err that is if you forget about them weighing about 25 tonnes.

They dont handle anything like the williams, but they definitely shift.
  RB5 & 172

i came up against a vr6 not so long ago. he saw me behind him coming off a roundabout and onto a dual carriage way, he booted it, so did i and i manged to pull up level and past, not easy but still pulled him in?

there were 2 in the car and he had quite large rims so that might have slowed him down a little. then again he might not have been thrashing it?

nice looking car though.

in a straight line sprint i reckon a 172 would have a VRs, around twisties it should leave it. but at motorway speeds a VRs will leave a 172 i would think, before i get flamed.

Well if you want to stomp on most things in a Golf you need the new R32, it handles to!

EVO rated it above the re-shaped Scooby!

A Big 3.2 ltr beast 237bhp & 236 lbft and 6.5 to 60!:devilish:


i saw one the other day.... very nice....

23k i think?

same as the highlines when they came out...

so wait a few years and they will be a decent price....

very solid and mean looking car... and as you say... .3.2 litre.. .mmm.. twin exhaust.... 4wd.. .mmmm
  RB5 & 172

ive not seen one on the road yet but from what i have seen i agree, they do look sooooo sweet!

however i think i would go for a scooby for that money?

At motorway speeds youll need a massive power difference to significantly leave another car over a short distance...

I doubt the V6 would leave the 172 for dead, I got it to 145mph in France (shhhh) and it felt like it didnt have any more to give, there were 4 of us in it though.

I rate the V6 golfs highly, they are fast as f**k and they make a brilliant noise... I suppose Ill just have to go and drive a 172 then I can say which one is quicker...

Anyone fancy giving me their keys for half an hour?....didnt think so.

Well, i raced a VR6 on the motorway - 80-!25 and I must say that there was not a lot in it - id have to say he was the quicker but you wouldnt have noticed it really as he couldnt pull away (maybe a tinsy tiny bit). I did have a full car to (boot full of books and back seats piled high)

I can only say negative stuff about the VR6 so ill avoid another VR6 verus Clio war and go away lol ;)

Like the R32s though.

i raced one with a passenger in my car and aircon switched on, off a sweeper onto a straight dual carriageway, it was stayed level with my bumper he might of creeped past this was around 110 though he then turned off. After i realised i had aircon switched on + shopping and passenger. Dont know about acceleration but top end there fast enough

yeah i know the VR6 pulls so well all the way up to 140mph but i didnt think the performance to 60 felt as fast as i was expecting.