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Good Day!


  LY 182 FF
Hi all,
I've recently purchased my ph1 172 in silver off of my best mate.
He bought it provisionally as a winter car, but changed his mind when offered a 197 for a good deal!
So anyway, the car has been stood for almost a year. It's had 2 previous owners, one being my mate, and has got receipts for everything it's ever had done!

I'm new to clio's, but I've had a few cars, most of them utter crap! From Renault 5 GT Turbo's, to 206 GTi 180's (that was a good car though) to name a couple.

So yeah, I don't know a great deal about them just yet, but i'm looking to change my fortunes of constantly changing my cars, and ending a bad run with this 172, which I think, with some work and loving, could be a bit of a minter!

The bodywork is good, I dont think it's been polished for a few years! But there's no dents, scratches or anything really.

I've got a few plans for it already, as it's standard apart from being sat on some speedline turini's that were put on off my mates 182. Oh and a ph2 rear bumper.
  • So the first 'mod' I'd like to make is lower it, preferrably on coilovers, as I'd like it slammed! If someone could advise the a decent set that are both a decent price, and fairly good that'd be ideal!
  • I've got a Yozza cat-back exhaust system to put on, so that would be next on the list after I guess.
  • I'd like to get a trophy spoiler ideally, but dependant on price differences and all that I may go for a cup spoiler.
  • Ph 2 rear lights, love the back of the ph2, so I dont see much reason not to personally.
  • And finally (for now) and this is if they're even still around, as I've heard there was some sort of change going on, my mate had a remap done by JMS, basically overfuelling on over run, making some serious bangs! Also pulled a bit better higher in the rev range if I remember rightly, so yeah anyway if someone could advise me if that's still an option that'd be ideal.
That, for now, is my initial plans for my clio, I haven't driven her for very long, but already I'm feeling a bit attached to her already!
I also apologise in advance for my naivety with clio related subjects, as I said I am mechanically minded and good with tools, however I know very little about Clio's!

I'll post some pics up within the next couple days, as I haven't really had chance to take any of it yet!


  LY 182 FF
Here's a couple pics i took earlier, while the rain stopped!
I'll take some after she's had a good clean soon as the weather allows!


  306 GTI-6
Thats nice. Best look imo, aggressive ph1 front with the nicer ph2 rear bumper. A ph2 dadh would make it perfect to me, but jave no idea how difficult /easy /or possible that is


  LY 182 FF
Thats nice. Best look imo, aggressive ph1 front with the nicer ph2 rear bumper. A ph2 dadh would make it perfect to me, but jave no idea how difficult /easy /or possible that is

What is a dadh? Sorry mate, as said, not clued up on all this just yet, wasnt sure if it was a typo or what lol


  LY 182 FF
Ah right lol, yeah I did wander about doing that, they're much nicer but that'd be something for the future.
Can anyone tell me what the score is with the remap i was talking about? My mate had it done by JMS, but he's told me they've stopped doing that now, does anyone do it now?