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Good news for a change!

You might remember when it was snowy i skidded my car and kerbed my front o/s wheel. hard. originally, at a garage, i was told i had bust just about everything going (with subframe bent), but i was a bit dubious coz it was still driveable!

anyway, took it to a good bodyshop today, and ive only done a lower arm (+ bushes) and alloy. Total cost= £290!!!!

Rob, youre right, V+G is an excellent place! i told him i knew you, he knows your motor! I cant believe the garage before told me at least £800!!!

just goes to show, you dont know if someones pulling a fast one on you unles you get a recommendation.

Cheers Rob, done me a favour mate! Just out of interest, what garage do you use then?


  Shiny red R32

You are much better getting a second opinion for something like that. Definitely dont use main dealers for those sort of problems, they have too many targets to meet! Instead, find a good local, friendly, wanting to help you, reasonably priced, honest, independent garage / workshop / bodyshop that wont rob you, and where their labour charges are sometimes half of what dealers rip you off with!


it werent a main dealer, in fact i got my cambelt changed at that place, but im def not goin there again! rob, do you know eltham test centre?

and by having my dent in my car (another bang, i swear my clio is jinxed!) ive had a chance to go around to all the local bodyshops, ive learnt a lot about how they deal, and how to judge your impressions!