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good splitters for a mk2 phase 1?

  1.2 Clio Sport mk ll
the previous owner of the car decided she preferred the splitter bent out of shape, hit something and wrecked it.
just wondering what are the best ones to go for :)


aka Philomena Cunk aka Barry Shitpeas
ClioSport Club Member
Skoda Fabia splitter is £12quid and made out of bendy rubber plastic, it needs to be screwed in with self tapping screws,
and then the ends cut off to tidy it up as it's a bit longer than a Clio, but it works.

Skoda part number : 5J0 807 061 9B9

Massive thread on it here.

If you type in Skoda splitter into the search bar, there's loads of thread on it with pics.

Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep
I fitted a ph2 splitter to mine, looked great IMO