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Got a free Upgrade from a 3g to 3gS :)

  377BHP Golf R 7.5
So here's the story..

I rang up 02 a month ago and discussed options to try and upgrade from my 3g to a 3gS, but they said I would have to wait to the end of my contract which is may next year!

anyways, I have insurance, dropped my phone and the screen smashed.
(second time I have done this, last time the phone got replaced)

so.. this time, They told me there was no iphones in stock and they would call back by the end of last week, then on the friday I called and was told to wait until monday for the call.

I then rang today (wednesday) and said I havent had any calls and moaned about the service and the fact I am paying insurance for nothing etc.. anyways, after being on hold for a while, the woman said I could have an upgrade to a 3gS for free!

Awaits people to start smashing thier phones up and try the same LOL