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got car bk yesterday - problem

  none :(
had my car back yesterday after it for rear ended - happy with the work etc execpt for one little thing. - the exhaust

it now sounds like a chicken chaser, the company that repaired my car state that its been blowing for ages but it didnt sound like that before the crash.
now do i ring insurance and tell them im not happy with exhaust and want the company who fitted the exhaust to look at it or what

i dont really wanna take it bk to who repaired my car as they have put iton wrong and and also wonky, they told me to get it checked by powerflow. they also stated its blowing from the manifold even if this wasnt caused by the crash they still should of checked it out shouldnt they

if i say to the insurance i want it re[placed by powerflow etc will they still payout

sorry for the essay
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You need to make sure that your insurance company is aware of any poor repairs, phone them straight away and tell them that the exhaust is not correct.

The crash may of caused damage other than what could of been seen, such as pushing the exhaust towards the front of the car, which may cause problems with the weld marks of the system. It will be difficult to prove that the exhaust didnt sound like it before the crash, but they may decide that due to the damage from the crash that maybe the exhaust has been affected.
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i'd personally talk to your insurance and get them to agree to have powerflow look at it.
  none :(
just spoke to them they adv i need to see powerflow hopefully i can have a new system
is it worth having a full system on a 1.2
is it worth having a full system on a 1.2
better than just sticking a box on the back. at least it might have an edge over other standard 1.2's.

i'd leave the cash in a savings account to put towards a car with a bigger engine though!