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got lowering spring but mechanic says.....(HELP ME)

  Focus 1.8 TDCi

got some apex sprins for my mk2 ph1.

garage have said that its goingto be really hard to fit them because of a torzion (not sure how its spelt) bar at the back?

what does he mean

i though it was just a straight swop?
Mk2's don't have a torsion bar, your mechanic is clueless. You have four springs and it's a doddle, the rear is the easiest part will take 5mins tops.

Old Mk1 clio's used to have a torsion bar and they do have a habit of seizing making them a pain in the ass to undo but yours doesn't have one so no worries on that front.
theres a guide on here somewhere:)
back springs are a doddle to change. fronts a little harder but can be done on a driveway easy. easier is you have a mate with you to take the other strut off the car while your compressing the springs because it takes ages
  Lots of Alfas
Tell your mechanic to have another look. The back springs can be done in 5 mins by undoing the lower shock bolt.

Sometimes in the trade a torsion bar gets mixed up with a trailing arm.