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Got my black beauty at last!



Finally got my new 182 home yesturday evening. After months of pondering, asking questions and them more pondering, I finally got my black/gold 182 yesturday.

I've spent the day admiring and cleaning and had a couple of drives and even let my husband have a go. (driving that is:eek: ) Having come from a mini, the drive is just wicked, smooth, great steering and comfortable. (Drive a mini and you'll see what I mean)

Even better, I discovered a cd changer under the passenger seat when cleaning. I had no idea the car had one - is this standard? The audio features of the clio wasn't one I looked into as I have an ipod and intended to swap the dension kit from the mini into the 182, (if possible) so the cd changer is a bonus. God, I'm loving this car already.

I'll take some pics tomorrow and post them up providing I can work out how to...For me tonight though, bedtime reading will be the handbook and trying to figure out how to fit the ipod....
good news is the dension will plug in - bad news is it plugs into the cd changer jack so its one or the other im afraid


CD Changer goes then.....Can't drive without my ipod.

How easy is it to connect the ipod kit? Do I need to get the head unit out in order to connect and is it simple/female/haven't a clue friendly??

I sense a trip to Halfords comin' on...


miltage2 said:
I picked up my 182 on wed, just hosted some new pics! Enjoy it!

I was admiring your car, really cracking colour. It was a close call between blue and black for me - I only chose the black because it came up for sale first (but not for the want of trying to find an artic blue)

I hope you enjoy it!!
Congrats on the 182!

As for the ipod im not 100% sure but I fitted a Mini disc changer under the seat of my 182 and all I had to do was buy an adapter which plugs into the back of the stereo, so the leads from the mini disc go into the adapter, and the adapter goes into the head unit.

I found out which adapter I needed from here and bought it from halfords online. hope that helps

Just one more thing, which MINI did you come from?