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got my new carbon bonnet!

  377BHP Golf R 7.5

yeah it isnt completley square, still needs a bit of fettling, only spent 2 mins fitting it, gotta take some time later on and get it perfect

that looks minty , reallly nice wiht the Napels

has anyone had a carbon bonnet on a williams blue willy or 16v?


ClioSport Club Member
  An old banger!

that looks smart as.....

wonder what a carbon bonnet on a silver 172 mk2 would look like?

i must be the only one who hates that lol, if you flew by me id think your waiting on getting your car into the bodyshop for a bonnet spray, only an opinion of course ;-)
  377BHP Golf R 7.5

leave it lol, i will get it colour coded during my full respray sometime in the near future.


  V6, R500, Jeep SRT

Not too sure on the carbon against the Red.....But sure as long as ur happy with it!
  377BHP Golf R 7.5

got my new bonnet now :), bought it off night.icon, very nice bonnet too, badboyed perfectly, i will post some pics at the weekend.