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Got the 182 back today...

Thanks....Just gald to have it back, anyone who has read my post in dealers section will understand why
Thomss said:
When you added the sub & amp did it feel any different with the extra weight?
Yes mate... its like have a big fat bloke in the car all the time its not a major difference but you do notice it. The re xxx (bout 40 kg including box) is about as heavy as subs get, then when you add amps, sound deadening and cables it all add's up.
kullycliosport said:
very nice m8...........whats under the hood (i know whats there , what u had from gdi ) :eek:
Smt 6 ecu, angleworks intlet manifold, Hillpower induction, custom exhaust inc de cat and manifold by hayward and scott.
leeds_182 said:
Not keen on the boot install but car looks nice.
Gone for perfomance rather than show and tacky neons.. re audio, genesis and focal are about as good as it gets
thedoc said:
what's the reason behind the h&s manifold? Was it expensive?
Yeah wasn't cheap at all but i was having a stainless moment...made the exhaust tone change especially when warmed up...sounds wicked.
Here's a few more pics.... The mini i have had for 10 years, its a 91 j plate rsp cooper s and it was my 1st car ..Its been in the garage for 4 years, i have spent a fortune on it making it "brand new" again and its nearly finished..Cant wait.