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got tugged today.. legal advice please

ok got tugged today on the way into ks, saw the traffic unit sitting in a layby (it was there 2 hours previous to this event aswell) went passed it doing 30 in a 40. got to ks and 2 mins later a fraffic T5 rolled in and asked me to get out the car.

in short they gave me a producer, however he also formally cautioned me and read me my rights and said he was reporting me for illegal front and rear lights.

the rear lights went theough an mot so how are they illegal? they do shine the right colours at night however admittedly in the day the light is a bit pinkish but i dont use my lights during the day.
the badboy he alo picked up on, he said u can have nothing that covers the light in anyway shape or form and something about legal marks on the lights with legislation or something. i was in the view that it was done on amount of light emmited and it had to be a certain beam pattern.

anyway questions:

if it goes to court and i get done what should i expect? fines? points?

ive done some research and the garage who did my mot read the legislation out and it is about beam pattern and i can get a test done and get an acual document proving mine is fine regardless of the badboy unless obviously the beam is obstructed then im gonna cut the badboy till its legal. if it goes to court will this suffice?

also will they definatly report the faults? would they not of given me a bit of paper to sign or something to say i had witnessed them checking the car etc?

can they actually do me since i got stopped during the day? mr2s and such likke with flip headlights have NO healdights during the day so who says i only drive my car during the day?

a know a few peeps on here are hot on legislation etc anyone got any ideas on the above? all they actually gave me was a producer?

matt thats fu*kin gay mate i bet theyve been watchin ks for a while c in all the cars goin in and out just waitin to do one of us.dont worry mate im sure it wont come to much.even though im gunna be careful cause my lights are sprayed aswell.

  Lionel Richie

My mate has a fiesta with a ridiculous Badboy, it cover half the light!!!! He passed his MOT yesterday, speak to your MOT people theyll tell you

i have had this happen tome, they gave me a form that i had to take to my MOTers saying that the car was road worthy, did thid and that was the end of it