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ClioSport Club Member
  RS6+ & 40d MSport X5
Have you changed you're car? Seen a Z4 with the reg 'GR 7'!

Heading past the Ski slope and down through Auchendinny!



  Shiny red R32
Hiya Gaz

No, I still have my R32 and only got it last November so it's not run in yet. ;) GR7's a cool number though but I'm not keen on a Z4 as I wouldn't be able to get my three Basset Hounds in, which was the reason I didn't get an Audi TT that I had thought about... got to be practical some times!!!!

Nice hearing from you! :)


  Shiny red R32
GR8 is not for me though as 7 is my lucky number - my birthday is on the 7th July so it's 7 for me! ;)