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Greenligh insurance +21 only

Ive been shopping around getting qoutes on a 172 as Ill have 3 yrs ncb very soon (touch wood) and ill b turning 20.

Im sure ive heard people on here saying greenlight have given them great qoutes,i was told today they only insure me when im over 21.

the best ive been quoted is £1800 from adrian flux,all the rest have said nearly £3000!!!

Anyone know good insurers that i should try?


I waited until i was 21 to get the RS for this exact reason mate.

insurance prices were just way too high.

Cheers lads,

I know deep down i should wait but Ive had the 1.2 for 3 years now............

looks like it could be a mk4 golf gti if i cant get it cheaper, I dont think I could bring myself payin £1800 again
  MY04 Scooby STi

i pay £1332 for a 182, im 23 with 3yrs ncb and no points or mods (yet) thats with adrian flux