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Greenlight Insurance

  PH1 iceburg
Just wanted to say just renewed insurance with these guys and they saved me over 200 squid. Every quote i got and i got about 10 was for 10 month policies and gren light was still 200 cheaper for 12 months.
Top guys aswell, really helpful​
  FF Blackgold 182
Greenlight are ok I suppose, but they are only a broker. They insure through Highway and Highway are ok...until you have to settle a claim!! Useless and incompetent from then on imo. I was receiving letters from the other insurance company, accusing me of not reporting the accident to my insurance company and threatening to take me to court. Errr, I don't think so. When I phoned Highway, they said "don't reply to them, just forward the letters on to us." I did and I still received another letter. Even after my claim was settled, I had no correspondence from them at all until they sent me my renewal notice. Then my premium nearly doubled and needless to say I didn't renew.
^ spot on, they are a broker yeah (some don't realise that) it's the actual insurer they go with who might not be ok, not greenlight at fault.

Highway imo are crap, i'd never go with them again (pleanty on here about them, in fact I replied in a thread the other day about them)
  Black Gold Cup Packed 182
They cancelled my policy through no fault of my own and left me £300 out of pocket. I sent my proof of no claims off by post and got my previous insurer to fax it, but they claim they never recieved it both times. They then cancelled it without telling me, leaving me driving with no insurance for three days. Also wasnt helpful on the phone and wasnt willing to reinstate the policy.