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Greenlight Insurance


ClioSport Club Member
  A35 AMG

Said they wouldnt give me a quote because my car is worth more than 15k...

Are they just fobbing me off??

Sounds a bit odd, I just renewed mine today, and they were by far the cheapest.

Speak to Darren, he helped me out.


ClioSport Club Member
  A35 AMG

It was very odd... whole conversation

Me: Hi is it possible to have a quote please
Greenlight: sure, what vehicle is it
Me: 182 Renault sport
Greenlight: ok, and do you have any no claims?
Me: yes, 3 years
Greenlight: ok and what age is the car and how much is it worth?
Me: 2005, and its work 16.5k
Greenlight: Ah, we dont actually insure cars over 15k...
Me: oh right... ok, then insure it for 15k?
Greenlight: Ok, bare with me 2 seconds *puts me on hold*

Greenlight: and how much have you been quoted elsewhere?
Me: I got a quote for £830 from
Greenlight: ok hang on *puts me on hold*
Greenlight: Ah, looks like we wouldnt be able to insure you for less than £1100 anyway..

Seems odd, didnt take any other details, just seemed to rush me off the phone

have a word with Admiral, theyre by far the best insurance comp ive used. greenlight are underwritten by H*GHWAY and ive had real bad dealings with them.


ClioSport Club Member
  A35 AMG

Im currently with Admiral.. renewal isnt until september, thought id just start having a nose around and see what prices i could get.

I paid £1200 for the 172 with 2 years no claims.. so for it to go down to £830 with 3 years for the 182 is great!

I never find renewal prices that good (they never beat the price you can get shopping around) ... we shall see what adrimal come up with.
  Silver Fabia vRS

Speak to Neil @ Greenlight...sounds like rubbish to me as the only condition I knew of was you needed to be over 21 and have at least 1 years NCB.

They did me a really competitive quote but Directline were still £30 cheaper and had a 0% APR offer on paying monthly. Think Greenlight wanted £699 for me on a modified 182, 6 years NCB but doing over 20k a year.
  black gold 182

my insurance is due for renewal,im 25 got 8yr nc,just been quoted 528 with protected no claims by a company called first alternative for my 182,seems quite competitive.

Yeah have to say Greenlight are good.

My renewal was £726 full comp, with exhaust & cams declared.

23 with 2 years ncd. Cant really complain...

Try Tesco they are cheap, but modifications can add up.
I wish I could insure cars for that much though I pay £850 for my diesel.


  RS 182 - Black Gold

Quote: Originally posted by edde on 02 August 2005

Try Tesco they are cheap, but modifications can add up.
I wish I could insure cars for that much though I pay £850 for my diesel.
Tesco are very good.

I rate them pretty dam high up, They sort any problems out with ease.

And i know people who have claimed and said it was such an easy process.

Im with Greenlight, told them my car is worth £15.5k. 21 years old, 1 sp30 and 1 years no claims £1400 (cheapest I could find)
  Clio 190bhp Hybrid

Can always reduce the amount you say your car is worth. As you will only get market value if a write off anyway so pointless giving them the brand new price if it has a few k on the clock.

Greenlight just matched my best quote and they dont charge extra for mods with that on top of the track day insurance it was definately worth going with them.
  Ex 182. Now Octy vRS

just spoke to neil, nice bloke! £1056 on a 172 53reg, lowered, exhaust, ik, wheels, 21yr old, 3yr ncd




Quote: Originally posted by Bubbles on 02 August 2005
Quote: Originally posted by McBunny on 02 August 2005but your car isnt worth 16.5k ???[/QUOTE]Why?

If you were to buy the exact same car as yours at todays market value it wouldnt be 16.5k. They wouldnt give you that if your car was written off unless you had a new for new policy.

Sucks I know.