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Theres a lad I know who owns a mk 3 Astra gsi. Now I know these are quick, but I was just wondering whether my 16v would put up a good fight.
Ive heard that the astra mk 3 is the worst car for handling??? this true? Ps anyone heard if any companies are making those lexus lights in a darker tint??

Bugger!!! this lad always smuirks when he looks at my car.....
Ill have to depend on skill to kick his vauxhall ass!:devilish:

The magazine figures would suggest that the Astra would just pip a 16v in acceleration terms. Youre looking at mid 7s to 60 to 60 for the 150bhp GSi and about that too for the 16v.

The GSi red-top engine has 150bhp and hence a very similar power-to-weight as the 16v. The 16v has 13bhp less, but also about 1-200kgs less weight.

There are some later GSi models out there with a 130bhp engine - and either way, once you got onto A/B roads, the Clio would win hands down. The GSi is not a worthy back-lane rival.
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I had a race with a mk2 2.0 16v and there was nothing in it. It started from 10 then down the sliproad then It lasted about 4 junctions down the M1. From 40-!10mph due to occasional people in the fast lane. I was behind so he had the initial boot before I did...!

COOL! Everyone under estimates the 16v, a bloke I was talking to said hed never
see one and was pretty sure his mk 2 golf gti could beat it. O dear....he looked abit silly
in my rear view mirror...cyaaa.
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I know its a bigger and heavier car. But to help you base your ideas on. Not sure how much extra it weighs. But I can beat Brother In laws Cav GSi. With only Exhaust and Filter.

Is pretty close but I pip him most times. Hope that helps. If he span and you didnt I expect you could have him just. Down to driver skill me thinks on that one.

My mate had a GSI and to be a hundred percent hounest my valver didnt stand a chance against it. His did handle terribly untill he lowered it on coil overs and so his handles about as well as the clio on the country roads. His is the 150bhp and looses me all the time, really need to keep mine at boiling point to keep with him.

When he gets his onto the motorway its even more drastic and his tops out at 147mph where as mine is 133mph and his pulls around 100/120mph a lot better.

He just sold it for a GTT with hybrid and larger inetcooler but says that they have very similar performance untill they reach 100mph when the GSI kicks the GTTs ass.

He had no mods that i know of but he was a machanic!!


i think it depands on the condition of the GSI, there are a lot of old dogs out there.. where as the people that drive clio16vs normally look after them.. hard to say really..

I had an GSI before my Cup and didnt think it was that good at all? I was going to do it up but got a Cup instead. Never driven a Valver so cant comment on the different between the two but my Cup is stupendously faster than my old GSI...