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guide needed to take 16v side moulding off please....

do tell do tell, i want to spray them 2moro.. need guide to take them off without snapping them.. lol
  Chocolate Bar™
grab them and pull them is the easiest way

otherwise you can slide the moulding off and try to prize the clips open with a screwdriver but it just turns into a nightmare
  RS Meg 175
I caught one clean and didnt snap anything then done the opposite and snapped one fixing of the three :(

anyideas how to fix it?
Anyone no the colour code for the silver badges on RS's?
  Chocolate Bar™
loads of people say different stuff but its technically satin silver. however i like vauxhall star silver as its bright silver with loads of flake, although any silver will do.

if you've snapped one of the clips just glue it back onto the strip. ive had too on mine, as the b*****d i bought mine from off ebay had already broke one off.
haha i took them off, took me 10 secs, and i didnt snap a thing. ill have pics up soon.. mark ull like the colour i did them in :)