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Guildford was bad on Sunday!

I went to Guildford Cruise again on Sunday, it was bigger than normal coz it was the 1st Sunday of the month. Loads of cars cruising about and loads parked up showing of there ICE and body kits etc. The night was going really well until the Police suddenly desided to divert every modified car into the B&Q car park. When these cars turned around and tried to get out again they were met by more Police. They put cones in front of the car, took photos of it and even filmed conversations with the driver. The Police made each driver answer a questionaire about their car, then checked the engine for mods, checked the car to make sure it was legal, and gave every driver a producer and a letter. At this rate I dont think Guildford cruise will be around much longer, it must have taken some people more than an hour to get out of the car park!!
This is well f*cking annouying coz its the only good cruise near where I live.

Hey rich,
I know what you mean. If your local to the area im trying to organise an informal meet for all the boys and girls near by - check out the meeting forum for details...

And guess what you have the same car as me! (white phase 1) Is your number plate K???PGK? I hope so, if not that means theres 3 white phase 1s in my area, and I thought they were rare!

And BTW I live in Horsham, and would be up for a meet.


it certainly is!
Didnt see you in Guildford - sure i would have noticed, you havent been buzzing around in ewell at all have you? If you havent then there really are 3 of us!!

it certainly is!
Didnt see you in Guildford - sure i would have noticed, you havent been buzzing around in ewell at all have you? If you havent then there really are 3 of us!!

ah, no, I havent been near Epson. I live in Horsham and work near gatwick airport.
So theres 3 white ones around.
Theres a photo of mine in the 16v gallery.

I just realised, youve got leather!
Whered you get it from? Clios dont come standard with leather do they? Does an R19 leather interior go straight in?
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I live in Hassocks nr Haywards Heath, dont think Horsham is that far away. Where you hang out?

Ah ha, Leather was an option on the Phase 1s. It really was a lucky find. Popped into a car dealers on the off chance and there she was... the rest is history

Well as far as Im aware the only Cruises near Horsham are Guildford, which is on Sundays(especially the 1st sunday),Brighton,which I think is still on,but I dont know when,and Crawley cruise seems to have stopped now.
Do you know of any others in the south that are worth going to?
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Nah, not really. Im new to all this so Im feeling my way round at the mo. Went to Brighton a few weeks ago on a scouting mission but it was nothing to shout about..if all 35 from Southend turned up in Brighton (no worries for space) there would be some ace eye-popping moments!! Got a good size strip down here too, at least 1/3 mile.

Need some more clios down here!!

Yeah, we should have a meet in brighton. Not only does it have a good strip, but after you can drive passed the clubs and check out the women!

slough used to be good thats not to far away but i think the police clamped down on that, there has always been one in windsor as well, never been to that one but apparently it used to be ok, not sure if it is still going though, is there any sites you can look at to find out.

Just thought Id reply aswell! I went 2 Guildford once a little while ago, it was my 1st time and I have 2 say I was v dissapointed, the police were swarming everywhere and they had closed all the big car parks Im told people usually park up in. All in all it was a v boring night!
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It was so good in guildford when the oval was open behind halfords! and there was a time when doughys were aplenty in the B and Q car park, even a TVR and a BMW M coupe had a go! quite dangerous tho. Exciting to watch. Its such a shame about Guildford, theres loads of places to drive around, and the high street is packed with girls, especially on saturday nights. One night, we were at the top of the high street and there was a drunken girl on top of a new black mini, as we drove past she flashed - so we turned around the roundabout and came back - my friend in his BMW 520 stopped and the girl says: "wot ya want? top or bottom?" so my mate says : "a bit of both please!" so she flashed again! haha, classy girl....