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Well I bought a 16v about a month ago now. And have been drawing up my plans on how to mod it. Then I had to go away on business for a few weeks. I took it out for a spin yesterday (3rd time i have driven it!) afternoon and it burst into flames on me. I quickly stamped on the brakes only to find the there wernt any and had to use the handbrake to stop me as i swerved off the road! By the time the fire engines arrived the flames were about 4 feet high and the enitire front of the car had melted to the floor. Gutted. So once the insurance company pay me out i will be looking for another valver as they seem quite nice!!


WOW .. sorry to hear about that ... Who the hell did u buy it from...would be having words personally

Did u find out (or will u) how it happened ??


Aparently the claims inspector is going to have a look at it today, the firemen said that it looked like a leaky injector to them! The problem is i bought the car from a Repo company on Ebay. I will see what the insurers say and if needs be i will chat to the people i bought it from.
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Bloody hell that was a close thing. From the brakes failing then flames leaping out the bonnet, the obvious answer is leaking brake system; leaking brake fluid and hot exhaust manifold dont mix. As I keep telling the cheapskates who wont replace their knackered manifold heatshield.
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Ithaught that my nackered heat shield was a tad dangerious so i got one from the renault garage £42 it cost me!
Why the hell is it so expensive when a new bonnet would cost only £117.50.
i dont understand renault cuz then they also charge £52 for a ph2 grill

(a confused) Matt
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wow, lucky escape! shame about your motor. I thought i might have had a similar story i had a leaking fuel return pipe, petrol was sitting down one of the sparkplug wells, i managed to fix that one by shortening the pipe, only to find a week later it sprang a leak in two other places! had the pipe replaced today, for £25.

Yeah, it was that Clio that was on Ebay a few weeks back. I still cant belive it! The claims people are ow looking at the car on wednesday, so i will try to pop down there this weekend and take a few pictures of the damage!! Once the cash comes through i will be looking for another 16v cos they handle pretty well, although a little slower than what i am used to!!


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I hope they will offer you enough to get an equivalent car. If not, dont accept their first offer as insurance companies very often dont allow enough for you to replace the car you have lost. Keep at them if you consider their offer too low, and if necessary, show them adverts for the same age and make of car that you had.

Good Luck!

Cheers GR, I know the drill, i used to be a car insurance broker many years ago so i know that they try to get away with paying as little as possible. I will keep hounding them until they give me a decent price! Im just gutted that i will have lost my NCB. This is my first every claim and i gave up the opportunity to protect it this year coz it was £80 more!