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H&r Coilover Kit Urgant Help

I took my coilovers to my local garage to be fitted they done the back fine but on the front apparently the bolt threads that come through the engine bay come up to high and the bonnet wont close, they are not sure if something is missing as there is no instruction manual in the box has anyone got a manual they can email me or help with, also the orginal suspension bolts to the inner wing but on the H&R they just wedge inplace, please please help.

Never had an issue and i've had a couple of sets now. If they've put everything back together in the correct order and right way round it should be fine. Sure they havnt missed something out or put something back on up-side down?
no they are sure they havent, they think they may have provided the wrong bit for the kit
Dave3141 said:
I bet they didnt take the old bits of the renault shocks to fit them.....

no they didnt they thought 4 that price u would get everything not their fault as no instructions or n e thing, got them fitted now, looks and handles so much better.

bit of a hard ride tho :)