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had 2 races tonight

  mk2 172

well, 1 and half

first one was a puma racing, i was off to blockbuster to take back a dvd and i saw it in front of me, i worked it so i was quite near him, then went past him slowly as i didnt think he was gonna race, i was about 3 car lengths in front of it goin about 50 when some lights i was almost under went amber so i slammed on to end up at his side hopin it wouldnt go through em. didnt get any sign that he would boot it, so i wasnt sure wether to shoot off or not, i just held it at bout 3.5k ready to dump the clutch just in case, lucky i never cos it never, he then set off and we were rolling side by side in first at about ten and he stuck his foot down i reacted as soon as i could and was probably level with his back bumper, changed to second and it was still pretty similar then by about 50mph i was approacing his front wing, almost time for third and i was just in front, changed up and 20 mph later id gone past him and started to edge away, by about 90 when we had to slow down there was probably enough room for a car between us. quite impressed actually, iv heard people say there not hugely fast but to take two car lengths off it upto 90 aint bad for a 1.6 with 120 bhp.

secondly i was driving down a dark road and a 106 gti pulled out behind me, was an R reg i had my lady wit me and i think it had a passenger, didnt think it was up for owt, i didnt really fancy it cos my girlfriend hates it when i go fast, was behind me a couple of minutes and we came to a diversion, a road iv never been down in my life, but i noticed the pug up my arse, maybe he saw the 16v badges or summat, so i floored it, so did the 106, i was pulling away upto abot 70 then she made me slow down..........butttttttt, imo i cant claim a scalp cos i had the advantage of putting my foot down first, although he was up my arse, so it wasnt really a fair one.i wouldnt fancy having to let someone else go first in a similar car.

look forward to seeing one in open play

Aaaarrggghhh - I need to go for a drive! This is killing me! Not driven for a month now; my car should be back on the road this week!
  mk2 172

though they had 153? any way, im sure iv heard people say there slow, i dont think there slow at all, not a massive difference for a road race, considering most cars you either cane or get caned
  mk2 172

whats the performance times on them then? cant find owt, traction control not goona do owt from a rolling start!
  Laguna 2, Westfield

Racing puma is a 1.7 zetec 155bhp, i think they are around 7.7 - 7.9 to 60 if i remember right. Meant to be a great handling car:D

Yeah sorry I mis-read, I thought he was on about a 1.7 Puma which is 123bhp.

I changed it to post the stats on the FRP.

Click EDIT above one of your own posts. Sorry for the confusion LOL

The Racing version came with a nicer interior, some fat arches (more like Maxi than 16v/Willy), bigger wheels, handling mods and an uprated engine.

But at £22k they were seriously into Elise/Scooby territory and the planned 1000 turned into only 500 sales. Id be content with one at circa £10k now.
  mk2 172

what does circa mean ben? i always read it and have an idea but dont fully understand what it actually means


The arches on the FRP were hand-made and the cars I think were hand-finished at Tickford(?)

Ford actually ended up making a loss on most of them, and theyre great cars.
  VW Potato

"119lb/ft @ 4500rpm"

thats not enough torque to turn one wheel, never mind four that are attached to a car. Thats a laughable figure for a performance car. Are you sure its right?


Thats also the figure for the Clio 16v and many VTEC Hondas also have apparently low torque figures. Doesnt stop them being fast though!

My mate had a Racing Puma and we raced many times.

In a straight line we were identical and i mean identical up to 125mph where he pulled away slightly. Side by side with the windows open he changed gear half a second before me.

However he cained me on the corners, the thing handled beautifully. While was twiching on 3 wheels he was gliding round on all 4.

I think Ford took a std puma and dismanteld it, then re-built it with larger arches and revised suspension. They also modified the engine (i cant remember in what way) to give more power. For £22k you paid the power was woeful and the acceleration way too slow, supposed to be unbeliveable handling. I dont know why they didnt just drop an a larger engine in it.

Quote: Originally posted by Scudetto on 03 February 2003

"119lb/ft @ 4500rpm"

thats not enough torque to turn one wheel, never mind four that are attached to a car. Thats a laughable figure for a performance car. Are you sure its right?


Tis what it says in Evo! Sounds about right, the engine revs very high....