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had my car keyed today

Got back to my car after work today only to find that it had been keyed all down one side and on the boot, this is a works car park with cctv, its a shared buildng with 2000 people working there. This is in the midle of nowhere and so im sure its someone from my work .

I then spoke to the security people and they were very obstructive. - Well you will have to send us a letter asking us to review the tape. I know that it will be on the tape as there is a camera on where i park my car. They then said we need a specific period to review we cant revire the whole tape, you cant look at the tape............
and so really pissed me off.

I have since then called the police to report the incident and advised that i should call from the security desk in the morning so that they can speak to security and resolve the issue of the tape. Security just kept refering to the data protection act and been generally unhelpfull.

My concern is i either if i claim on insurance i have a big excess to pay and my renewal will go up or it will cost me a fortune. Also worried that the b*****d will do it again as soon as its fixed.

I just hope i can find out who it is from the cctv then ill take my revenge

Damage is quite bad keyed down one side then round the corner on to the boot, deep cut as well.

bloody f***** bast*** that is all i can say....what the hell is wrong??? and at the workplace too! Seems like serious issues with security there too..what the hell are they up too??!?! ....Im sorry i just feel angry for you!
  mk2 172

hope you find the b******s mate so you can vent your ire and dish out some justice. by a shed and drive it into the jealous b******s m reg 1.6 mondeo
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451


by law any filming made by cctv of can be view by any memeber of the public i work in a supermarket with cctv and we must let folk see it if requested soory to hear about it
  Skoda Fabia vRS

yea, i work on wines an spirits in a supermarket, an i can go look at the tapes if i want to to look at thieves, talkin out of there arse

Damn, sorrry to hear that mailto:m@thew">m@thew, dunno what to say. Hope the security get off their fat arses for ya and do their job.
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Bad luck Matt, thats my worst nightmare having that done, its so dear to fix yet so easy to do. Theyre just cowards. I would get that tape ASAP! Bloody annoys me stuff like this............:mad:


spoke to the police again today and they are sending someone round to work on monday to speak to me and secuity, so with any luck that should spur the security into doing something. Also had lots of offers in helping to get revenge on the b******s.
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Thing is, you could get the car fixed and theyll do it again,just to rub it in, b4stards i tell you. Had a quote for the damage yet?? Bet its gonna be loads. Hows the rest of the car going BTW?

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mailto:M@thew">M@thew I am now a fully paid member of the 172 keyed car club check out the 172 cutting edge? topic for more details. I am going to an excellent body work shop tomorrow to get a quote, not amused.

got the quote today to have the panels fixed and resprayed, this was from Renault Leeds repair centre


so looks like its an insurance job. Im sure i could get it done alot cheaper but its a 4 day job and would have to take any time off work unpaid.

+ if I get renault to do the work i keep the 12 year corrosion warrenty.

So its going to cost me £250 XS + increase in premiums next year
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG


I am having mine done for £387.75 mine was a very deep scratch the whole length of the car, needs the whole side respraying and panels fixing. The company I use have always been good in the past (hope they are as good this time) my car was being done today, 2 day job.

For that price it had better be the best god damn respray ever.

problem is if i get it done cheap ill loose pay while its done so final cost will be alot more, also im keen to keep the corrosion warrenty
  320d M Sport

I wouldnt be arsed with the corrsion warranty myself, surely Renault make them up to scratch now?? It is the year 2002.....thats a b**ch f a price though, have u checked that when you loose your NCD at renewal you will actually be able to insure it?

  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

£388 is the high end of repairing a key cut. £1024 seems like a rip off too me (unless the vandal did an exceedingly good job on your car), just to keep a 12 year warranty on paint. If they do a good enough job who is to know. At least 2/3rds of my car will still be Silversealed.

I am having to drive around in my Dads (formally my) Rover 416, feels like a boat and making me miss my car all the more.

Ill have to get a local quote to see how much it will cost, a new idea is to hire a car for the time of the repair any idea the cost of hiring the cheapest car possible?
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Got my car back today from Prestige Northampton, saw a couple of porsche 911s , Honda 2000, and many other sports cars all in for work (people dont like sports cars apparently). Excellent customer service, looks as good as new but wont be able to tell for sure until I polish the car at the weekend if the weather holds out. I recommend them to anyone who needs any body work done.

mailto:m@thew">m@thew how is your repair work going? Did you inform Renault that your insurance would be paying for it as they probably added a bit on, maybe a lot less if you say you are paying.

Keeping the Rover until Saturday as I am having to go back to the scene of the crime to collect my girlfriends brother.

not had time to get a cheaper quote yet, but im turning more to the idea of paying for it myslef, called insurance co. and if i had made the claim last year this years premium would have been 150 more, and that will be same for next couple of years as well. also 250 xs to pay, so if i can get it done for <£500 im going to pay as it will be cheaper in the long run
  320d M Sport

Yeah good idea, £150 extra on your insurance aint too bad, BUT Ive heard it soooo many times, you go ahead and claim then get your renewal and its gone up about 50%! Glad to hear u got yours sorted greeper. 1 down, 1 to go....



  Shiny red R32

I wouldnt bother about that "12 year corrosion warranty" as cars dont rust these days, especially with us Clio folk, washing and polishing our cars very often, and some of the panels are plastic, which is impossible to rust! Most people dont even keep a car for twelve years. In that time I for one, will probably have five or six cars!

Go to a reputable body shop / coachbuilders who do this sort of thing all day, every day, and save yourself a lot of money.


  Shiny red R32

Normally if you ask for a quote at a bodyshop and make it known that you will be paying for it yourself, they will usually quote you a lot less than if your insurance company will be paying.

If it is an insurance claim, often they will charge more!

yeah - my bodyshop asked if it was for insurance and has quoted about a grand, but i said i may have to pay for it myself and he told me to "come back and well sort somethign out" if thats the case! Cant bame him tho, insurance companies rip everyone else off!