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Had the 350z cleaned

A good friend of mine owns a valeting company ( and has said for a while that he would give my car a going over. Finally got round to it today and just popped out to take some photos, sorry my skills are not all that great. Future mods planed are lenso d1r alloys and possibly the roof wrapped.





i think its probably something i did to balls it up in photo bucket. i nicked my bros camera which is sposed to be an alright bit of kit (cyber shot dcs-h7)
gonna skip the rays and go for the lenso's. Just waiting a bit to get some more life out my rubber i have on at the moment.
Your right about the photos, the look really graining, open them in iphoto and they look fine? no idea!
I love the 350Z especially the sound of the V6, looks smart that, pictures look good as well. Nearly bought one of these before the clio but I was worried about the fuel consumption. Out of interest what do you get?


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i wouldnt do the lenso's go for something nice lenso's are stupidly heavy! some lightweight rays (the forged 350 rims would be perfect) or some te37's would work nice too!
well i was going to go for gun metal. Dont like the look of the black with red lips....o the other hand i might be looking for something else. budget is obviously the biggest decider and i really dont want to spend more thank about £1300 for wheels and tyres.

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One of the best allround cars i've ever driven, is a 350z, I WILL own one someday...when I grow up...

Looks lush dude.