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Had to put her up for sale

  Impreza WRX
Im devastated :(

But my 172 isnt practical enough with my baby (according to the missus) so, has gone up for sale :(
  Clio 1970000000
Is it your only car? If you can turn the airbag off on the passenger seat, the baby can go in the front and the missus in the back :evil:

Won't be long before the baby can climb in the back themselves!!!
  Titanium 182
Lol sod selling your car that you like because your missus says you have to.
Tell her to fvck off.
  Nothing at the mo :(
if my misses ever got pregnant .. *pray to god she dont * theres no wya i would sell my sweet ass car lol
  Fabia VRS & Yeti
I'm sure I've seen a three door clio mk2 with a child seat in the front and one in the back?
  Titanium 182
If my gf told me I "had" to sell my car she would get a facefull of spittle as I laughed hard. In her face.
I often wonder how big these new babies are ;)

My old dear managed to fit my bro & I in her Mini (a proper one) years ago, the pram fitted too. I didn't have one any more as I was walking.
  Clio 1970000000
You lot are funny :D

I have 2 kids, and sold my CTR to extend the kitchen. Years of pain ensued until I could finally get back into a hot hatch. Once the 172 is gone, she will find a million reasons why you need to spend your hard earned on something else rather than getting a new car!!!!!

LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES------KEEP THE CAR. It will still all work out in the end.
  audi a6 3.0tdi
i saw an M reg range rover vouge 4.4l go for £800 at the auction get her one like that for a laugh and see her face drop.
  Titanium 182
She needs a range rover why ?

I swear some people are brain dead. Does she know how small babies are ?

even when they get older you don't need to carry a jungle gym round everywhere for them in case they get bored.
But tbh it sounds like you will do what she says anyway even if it annoys you so enjoy whatever she says says you can have :rasp:
  200 FF Storm Grey
she is on about getting a ........

ready for this..........

range rover :mad:

She's taking you for a mug mate imo, no reason why a range rover is better for a family, prob a pain getting a baby in there, no doubht worse on fuel, she just wants to be seen driving round with her shades on wag style.

Like others have said, I'd lol in the gf's face if she asked me to sell my car
  audi a6 3.0tdi
My mum and dad had two renault 5 turbos when me and my brother were younger and they managed.
  Titanium 182
She just wants to show off in a range which will just make her look/drive like more of a c**t than she sounds to be.

And she's trying to get you to fund that.
If its your only car I agree with your girlfriend, you need to be getting something with more doors. If you have 2 cars then grow a pair.


Formerly Mashed up egg in a cup
ClioSport Club Member
I have a 2door coupe with a baby since she was born. Fooking change my car for a baby!

I right then! It's all down hill from here mate!

Do you know how big the clio's boot is? It's massive mate! I have moved house 3 times in the clio I had.

Imagine even letting her finish her sentence without slapping her in the head!

Get this and enjoy the twisties!


  V6, Jeep SRT, GTS
How much more pratical do you need. 172 has a boot, 4 seats. Is safe, cheap to run!!! FFS!
  Titanium 182
I don't get people who insist they need 4 door because they're having a baby LOL. People are soft as s**t nowadays.

Can commit to looking after a child for 18 years but can't bend forwards a little bit to get the thing in/out of the car for 2 years or whatever until it can get in itself ?
Hmmmm Sounds like what all new mums say. Its impracticle etc.

I let her know that any car we can afford at the time will not have the NCAP rating the clio has at that period in time and that its much safer.

I also went on to say its my pride and joy and gave her a really big guilt trip. Like sitting in my car for an hour or so till she caved in.

Let her know afterwards maybe you are right and then by the time the baby came it was too late and was driving her about with baby and it was fine. She now has a 3 door and it never made the situation at the time any worse or better than it was.

  S3, Polo
In all serious-ness, It's possible to cart the family around in a 3-door, but it's a pain if it's your only means of transport. 5-doors are definitely a boon with kids, especially when they're playing up!

I'd suggest you get a cheap family run around (I'd imagine a mk5 5-door Fiesta is cheap to buy, run and insure?) then keep the 172!

The Clio is worth f*ck all anyway and sure as hell won't make a dent in the purchase price of a new-ish RR! (06 plate Sports are ~£28k, down from £44k 18 months ago!)

It's hard to underestimate how much of a bargain the Clio is - Fast-ish, fun and cheap to run! *

* Unintentional rhyming :eek:



South East - Essex
ClioSport Area Rep
Range Rover ? Nice car .. if you're a millionaire.

Get an M5.

5 seats .. massive boot .. safe .. reliable (probably .. its German) and also I hear they are RWD ?

  53 Clio's & counting
RWD? na its a myth mate, that pic above the car is parked, there is a really strong fan just out of shot to the right
keep the clio, i had a baby with a 106 gti and 172 coped well

I WILL NEVER EVER OWN A 5 DOOR CAR....unless its a performance car!

im currently booping around in a 3 dr 306 often have 2 kids in the back due to giving my mates kid a lift to school

coped find with it

and if there only me and my son in he sits up front

172 is a great car for babies

The Chubby Pirate

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  Golf R
I don't get people who insist they need 4 door because they're having a baby LOL. People are soft as s**t nowadays.

Can commit to looking after a child for 18 years but can't bend forwards a little bit to get the thing in/out of the car for 2 years or whatever until it can get in itself ?

You got kids then aye? Fuck sake
This topics like a worst nightmare come true. The day the fun ends and you have to buy a convenience vehicle ... :dead:

Kids, dont have em :mad:
  Golf GT TDI
my brother has managed just fine with his 306 gti6 3 door for the last 4 years no problem.

tell her to get her own car;)
You need a smaller push chair then
No, just bought another car. Its not just putting a pushchair in thats a problem when you have a baby. If you go away anywhere you need to be putting travel cots in, nappies, feeding stuff, clothes, your gear. I agree you could get by the odd day using the car with the split rear seats but long term there are easier options.