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Hail Damaged Roof

Hi Guys,

My car did battle with golf ball sized hail the other day and lost badly.

If I remove the roof lining am I likely to be able to push some of the bigger dents out?

Is it possible to get the roof lining back in after?

  Clio T 314hp c43 AMG
Have you got pictures? Friend of mine is in the same position, best speak to a dent specailist tbh, my mates gutted he recons there not going to come out, smashed a window and cracked an indicator Lense to!
  1.2 Dynamique
Same problem know anyone in Leicester or surrounding areas?

Clio took a right battering whilst it was parked up at work with the weather!

Don't even know if the bonnet is repairable or whether its worth to buy a new one?





Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

ClioSport Club Member
bonnet replacements seem to be a cheaper alterative. dent man would struggle on most parts due to the structural metal underneith the skin. as for the roof, a dent man can 98% remove all of those if they are not to pushed in. roof skins are really annoying to pop dents back out
  200 Gordini No.159
Glad it missed me, my bonnet is dented enough already lol no were near as bad as that though :(


ClioSport Club Member
  09 astra 1.6 T
Dent guys will be making a killing these days!
Glad there was no hail here, bet they hurt lol
My car is in a similar state to the one posted. I think a bonnet replacement will definitely be cheaper.

With regards to the roof, I'll get a quote from a dent man.

@Owen92 wheres the other thread?