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Handles come apart ?


  clio 1.2 -2000-
Hi... Just got a pair of handles, Good price wrong colour
Want to take them apart to spray them silver.
I have taken the black spring off but having a little trouble pulling the silver bar out so the 2 bits will separate, they do come apart ? Just keep at it and try not to break anything ? Just need a little reassurance i doing it correct


Thanks for you time


  clio 1.2 -2000-
Finally got the handles in two parts and without breaking them, :). Now the easy bit, spray them. Be much better than my old black things.
The silver bars were hard to get out. Hope i can get them back together ok, lol.
  LY R26 230 F1 Team
Bloody hell mate,i just sprayed mine in one piece with matchsticks holding them open, much easier...

Hope it all goes well, and yes possibly THE best thing i ever did was CC my door handles on my old rep.