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Hard wiring battery conditioner into a V6

  Clio V6, C63,Sagaris
Hi all,

Has anyone hard wired a battery conditioner into their V6? I think I will have to drill a hole into the 'kitchen sink' frunk and then have a plug tidying up the hole (that has to be larger than the wire, typically). I'm happy to do all of this, but has anyone done this before? I was wondering if a rubber bath plug would work....


ClioSport Club Member
Are you intending leaving the battery plugged into the car with the conditioner attached to the battery?
  Clio V6, C63,Sagaris
Yes, it's an Accumate I use on all my cars, but I normally have it connected via the cigarette lighter. It doesn't work on it (fusing, the Ferrari was the same), so you connect it directly to terminals of the battery.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 197,with megan'
Mine is permanently wired to battery, and mains cable runs from wall box, to under bonnet connection, with bonnet fully closed.
  Clio V6, C63,Sagaris
OK, some good news! No cutting required if you are using an Accumate - the lead will stretch to the 'kitchen sink' plughole at the bottom.

Thus, wired in:

Brought in through the plug hole and drain pipe fed back in.

Really simple to do, but a clean, neat, safe and waterproof charger. I'm a happy chap.
  V6 Mk1, Golf GTI Mk5
Good job. I have a similar set up on mine but with a ctek, pain when you put the tray back in and forget the lead!