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Harnesses and Airbag Advice needed

  MY04 Scooby STi
For those in the know,

When I change the seats and harnesses in , I have a concern:

The seatbelt warning buzzer. This goes off when the seatbelt is not clicked in, How do I avoid this?

Also, without the standard seatbelts in the airbags will not work. Is this a MOT failure?
  Lionel Richie
no not an MOT failure (unless you have an UBER anal testing station)

if you remove the seats and the pretensioners, the buzzer magically vanishes, but you'll have lights on your dash
Airbags work even with no seatbelt plugged in they adjust though to take account of the fact your not wearing one.

Cut the black cable sorts the issue though of the warning light.