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Has anyone.....

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Easy but you have to be careful.

I think its the same as the mark 2 172 so here goes.

1. You then need to unscrew the Torx screw that holds in the leccy window switches. This screw has a small cover over it so you will need a small flat head screw driver to unclip this first. Once unscrewed unplug the switches.

2. Unscrew about 6 Torx screws on the bottom of the doors these are uncovered and are easy to spot.

3. Pop off the speaker cover and unscrew the speakers and unclip the wires(Covers are clipped on and can be removed by a small flat head screw driver).

4. Unscrew the Torx screw behind the door handle and then remove the plastic surrond around the door handle.

5. Pop of the door panel carefully as they are held in by a pop clip round where the door lock is this is also not helped by the fact there is black glue/mastic around the bottom of the door panel some be careful and patient when pulling this off.

Think this covers it. Takes about 10-15 mins to do this so be patient.