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Hazzard Lights Don't Work!

  Clio 182
I bought my car afew days ago and ive just noticed that the hazzard lights dont work on it yet the indicators do. I heard that this is a common problem on clio's so desided to take the hazzard light switch out, did this and the put it back in to make sure it wasnt just a lose connection but now the hazzards are always on unless i hold the buttom in.

Will i just need a new switch for it?

Thanks in advance.
  Arctic Blue 182
All good then. lol. just need to change the exhaust mounts now then and it shud be all done :)

I've had those exact 2 problems as well since buying my 182

Sorted the exhaust mounts out a week ago, the old ones were totally shot

My hazards have never worked, since I bought it from the Renault garage - nice testing!