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Head Gasket.

  V6 Mk1, Golf GTI Mk5
To be honest I dont really no a lot about engines, but how much does it cost for a blown head gasket ?

Please any info or advice would be most helpfull...
  V6 Mk1, Golf GTI Mk5
erm, i no this is a clio forum, but its a saxo vts, its just an enquiry at the moment.

So no more than £500 or thereabouts ?


  BMW M3 & Williams 3
It will most likely need to be skimmed, but you can get away with it. The gasket itself is only about £30, the rest of the charges will be labour. Either learn to do it yourself (its not rocket science, just a pain in the arse) or if it were me, find a local small garage.

I would guess £250.
  Vectra :(
I would budget 400 mate to be safe but could get it done for cheaper possibly. Head skim should be about £150 i imagine, gasket £30, New headbolts etc etc £20 Then labour ontop. I would say they would charge you 4-5 hours for it but will probably have it done quicker.

So thats £200 plus 4 hours @ £50 = £400

You could shop around and maybe get the head skimmed for less tho.