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Head Unit Alpine CDA-9855R

  172 Mk2 Ph1

Want to get this head unit. Ipod adaptors to. Been offered a stalk control that is made by alpine, but it costs £70! Is there a cheaper one for a 55 reg Clio 182 as the ones on car audio seem to only say they are for older clios?

Also Does this Alpine Head unit/Ipod adaptor charge the Ipod when plugged in?



lol ive been to look at one of these head units today , but i want to keep the stalk n display , aparantly this unit does , the guy i spoke to today is ringing me back on monday to confirm!
  172 Mk2 Ph1

The question I was asking is do you have to fork out £70 for the Alpie adaptor or is there a cheaper generic one? It can be done with the alpine adaptor.

PS the head unit in the shop was at £450, he offered it to me for £400 but its £300 on car audio direct, so thats where ill be getting it from.
  172 Mk2 Ph1

Yes it is possible, and the part you need is Alpine KCE-840B Renault Steering (OEM) wheel interface. Its £49.99 for msc-direct.

So thats Ipod INterface, steering controls, Apline head unit, all for £389!... bargain...