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Headgasket/Engine Replacement?


  Focus TDCi
Hey, a few of you may have seen my other thread about my headgasket failing, but now I'm looking into the options for getting it back on the road.. complete novice in this area, so could do with some advice please!

How easy is it to replace the headgasket myself? Where can I get the head skimmed and is it likely that any other parts will have been damaged? What parts, tools etc would I need?

Alternatively, how easy is it just to replace the engine on a like-for-like basis? Cliospares have offered one up at around £150, which isn't really that much more than replacing the headgasket I guess? It would also mean that I can swap my gearbox at the same time, as that's on its way out.

Thanks for any help. :)
  Saab 93 Aero Wagon
To do a head gasket yourself you would have to be fairly competent and confident enough to take the top of the engine apart.
As it requires a change of cambelt as well then you will need locking tools for the pulleys.
If the engine got very hot when the gasket went then chances are it will have warped the head so re-skimming will be essential.
Best off asking a local garage if they can skim it or if not, who they use.