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Headlight sensor not working !!

  Clio extreme 1.2

i have a clio extreme, when i had the car the headlight sensor worked perfectly no issues,
but now all of a sudden it doesnt work at all -_-
not a major issue i know lol but annoying knowing it doesnt work !
could this be simply a fuse or something ??

Any ideas people ??
Headlight sensor? I assume you mean the automatic headlights? If so the sensor is also the rain sensor (sensor is in the rear view mirror housing against the windscreen)

put the auto wipers on and pour water over the windscreen at the top in the centre so it covers the screen see if the sensor is picking up!

Had a windscreen or anything fitted recently ?
  Clio extreme 1.2
No i havent, and my windscreen wipers work fine when it rains they do come on. its just when it goes dark now the headlights dont automatically come on :S


ClioSport Club Member
Engine off, ign on, flick sidelights on, then off, then on and off again. It'll beep and you'll hopefully regain auto headlights.
  Clio 182
I put some LED side lights in and this stopped my auto headlights from working. Changed the LEDs and all good again.