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headunit problems

  inferno rs 182
Right long story so bear with me,
got a jvc haedunit from Halfrauds and they fitted it. no problems
had to put the stock one back in to satisfy renault. no problems
went to put the jvc one back in the other day and a fuse popped. so changed it. fitted the stereo and found that it wasnt keeping its memory and the clock on the dash kept returning to 0000hrs when i turned off the ignition. there is also a horrible whirring noise (like a cd failing to load, if you no what i mean) from behind the dash.
changed the yellow and red wires around but to no avail.
popped two fuses, the interior light one and the radio one.
i am at a total lose as to whats happened as the iso connectors are a straight stop and i have not cut any wires.
i have left the stereo out now and the clock still keeps reseting.

Argh whats wrong, would really appreciate your help.