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Headunits & Stalk Controls

Guys, Im looking to buy a new headunit for my 2002 Clio, which has the dashtop display & steering wheel stalk controllers. Im guessing most of you will have upgraded stereos - what should I be looking for in terms of connection. Will it be possible to get the stalk controls to work with a new unit, or will I need all the adapter gubbins as well? All help appreciated.

Its just going to be a fairly standard MP3 CD player - probaby a Sony CDX-S2250 or Clarion DB348RMP. Any comments appreciated...

u can get the stalk to work with new headunit, just need few cables (said some1). Might get it do some time aswell.;)

the sony adaptor costs around £30, i needed one for my sony mp3 headunit, now the steering remote control works, and the top display shows time n temp
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Ive got a Connects2 DRNS002 for sale. I used it to connect my Sony MP-70 in my old clio. £30