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Is this my steering wheel control connector?


ClioSport Club Member
  Peugeot 207
I'm connecting a new stereo (a Sony DSX-A410BT) to my Clio 182. So far, so good. All seems to work except the steering wheel controls.

I believe I need to buy an adaptor to connect the steering wheel controls to the stereo (the blue socket below).


My question is, is this purple connector the wire which goes to the steering wheel controls? I.e. is this the connector which the adaptor will need to fit to? I can't see any other connectors behind the stereo, but some of the adapters I've seen look a little different and I want to make sure I buy the right thing.


Thanks in advance!


East of England
ClioSport Area Rep
I have sorted the the above with correct connect2 box an headunit specific patch lead. I’m unsure as to what your purple lead is though as mine is yellow and 5 pin not 2 like yours looks.

Below is the correct interface for a 54 plate 182 with the correct headunit lead.