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Heater control / interior lights

  Clio Mk3 1.2 Petrol
Hi All,

Suddenly inside my Clio mk3 is darker night time . For sure heater control on top of console have no light at the moment . Before I had problem where one side was fine and second sometimes was working sometimes not ( but after gentle hit both light was working) Now there is no light . AC and Window heater on bottom light is working when you press it .

I read previous threads and I think I know how to change bulbs but firs I would like to make sure that fuse is fine .
As I am not mechanic or car specialist I have few questions :

1. What is the bulb type . Previous post say W1.2W bulb but I think bulbs in Halfords have different names or something because I didn't find it .

2. Which fuse is responsible for that light I would like to double check is it fine ( I have sticker with pictures what is what but still not sure ) access to them is quite hard as well

3. What else should have a back light inside car ? At the moment clock screen, audio, speed clocks, light on the top, ac , back window heater, electrics windows have a light

Should indicator and windscreen control stick have a light ?
also that stick to move electric mirrors have no light ?




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