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Heater Matrix


ClioSport Club Member
Evening chaps,

I’ve been battling a leak in the drivers footwell of my 182 for a couple of months now.
Took the carpet out and put down a dusting of talc to try and trace it. Turns out it’s dropping coolant as the tiny puddle in the footwell is green and sweet smelling. I did think the coolant was ever so slightly dropping...
Pics of said puddle incoming.

From what I’ve read, this is a f*cked heater matrix. Seems a big job to do - dash out etc.
Before I go and rip everything apart this week, where is the best place to order a heater matrix from? There are a few on eBay cheap as well as the usual ECP bits. Would prefer new for piece of mind, so RPD would be my best bet?
Is there just the one heater matrix for all PH2 clios, or do they differ between models?

Anyone done this before? How long are we looking to do it. I’m off for two weeks but the weather is awful!