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Clio 182 Heater Matrix & Fuses

  Clio 182
I was wondering if a fellow RS enthusiast could help me please?

Before going any further I just want to apologise for the long thread and say that I'm competent with Renault Sports and the F4R engine, however as people will sympathise, part of the quirk of owning them is that they can throw a curve-ball at you from time to time.

Recently my 182 heater matrix started to leak and despite this being a time consuming dash out job, I decided to bite the bullet and change it sooner rather than later. Since doing so two weeks ago I have been dogged with issues....

Firstly.... I noticed straight away that under hard acceleration despite bleeding the system correctly, there was a very loud gushing sound coming from the heater matrix area. After bleeding the system again the problem persisted and on further investigation I noticed that the thermostat housing was leaking very slightly. Problem solved I thought.... New gasket on thermostat housing, treated it to new hoses whilst doing and a completely water tight system accomplished. Thinking all would be good I bled the system again and tried every trick out there to make sure it was air free... Or so I thought, but no, still a loud gushing sound coming from the matrix.

Secondly... A couple of days after changing the matrix, driving along and the climate control panel went out and the "SERV" light came on. A quick check and realised that the reverse lights had gone out too which pointed me to the F3 fuse. It had blown and so tried a new fuse to make sure it wasnt just bad luck, but it blew again immediately. OK so I cursed quite alot and decided to strip out all the dash again to make sure everything was wired correctly and no shorts were evident. All good and two days later, I put a new fuse in F3 and success, all working well (Noise from matrix still happening). Yesterday after 10 minutes of running the car down the road and pop... Climate control panel etc, gone again! Just to clarify, when the fuse holds out everything to do with climate is working properly. Heat up & down, fan speed up and down, air direction changes etc etc.

I have checked OBD numerous times and found no faults what so ever....

Please, could anyone shed any light on the gushing noise from the matrix under hard acceleration and why the F3 fuse keeps blowing after changing the matrix. Like I said, I have tried every trick in the book to bleed the system and have checked all wiring behind the dash for shorts.

Really appreciate everyone's time!