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Heater Problems Clio sport 2004

  Clio Sport 2004
Hi i bought a Clio sport 2004 ph2, i already read almost every post about the aircon/heater.

0.- The control panel works fine and show everything ok (it doesnt seem to open gates(stepper motors), doesnt seem to activate a/c compressor looks and it has their connector s ok from the back of the control panel) its seems like disconnected it doesnt do anything.
1.- Start testing as usual, all relays and fuses. they are all good.
2.- I put a bridge between 1st and 5th socket from the connector of the resistor pack (Fan Blow full speed)
3.- I bought a new resistor pack and plug it, still not working.
4.- Check for continuity of all the harness. first all engine bay on the side of blower and its all ok.

The question is any one have measure voltages on the resistor pack. i mean green wire and orange wire. i have and they are on orange 6.11v and on the green one 12.23v.

-What did the control panel voltages should be on the resistor pack if its working and on which cables (color).
-What i have seen is that im missing a stepper motor from the footwell. where they suppose to be two, i have one and there is the harness from the other one.
-Did anyone with a fine aircon working have try to disconnect one stepper motor and see if the aircon still work?
-Did the control panel connects to another device?

On other post that send you to a fixya link it says the green cable from the resistor pack should lower or upper voltage with the control panel blower speed.
but mine stays on 12.23v.

i try to find a use control panel but this cars are very rare in Mexico, so i can test a resistor pack or a control panel.

  Clio Sport 2004
Hi, after checking all connections, voltages etc... after all days thinking about the problem i finally know what happen, i disconnect the temp sensor from near the footwell stepper motors an reconnect it and vuala, it start blowing now. Thanks!