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Hello all, bought my 2005 182 cup back after 13 years apart!

  2005 Clio cup
Hi all, well what can I say.... going forward I’m going to need some help! My names Tedly and I’m from the North Wales area..

so this is my storey,

I bought a racing blue 182 cup brand new in 2005 from a slaters a main dealer in North Wales, I had it for 3 years and did 8000 miles the first year and then had it as a second car so only did 4000 miles over the next two years! I wasn’t looking to sell it but at the time I was into bikes in a big way so the car spent most of its time just sat on the drive. A friend of my girlfriend kept asking me if I wanted to sell it but I refused until one day I got sick of him asking and a deal was done.....

forward on 13 years and I started looking at getting another one, why people may ask! Well I’ve been lucky enough to own some lovely cars and motorbikes but I can honestly say that for the money this was the most fun I’d had driving the country lanes here in North Wales. I did a MOT check on my old car and found that it hadn’t been on the road since 2018 so I thought the worse! anyway my old girlfriend who’s now my wife contacted her old pal to ask what happened to the car and to my surprise he had sold it to his brother who still had it parked up on his driveway😀. Two weeks of messages and over 100 pics a deal was done and today I became the very proud owner of my old 182 cup...

now don’t get me wrong the car needs work and lots of it however it’s not been messed with, the only mod is a exhaust as the original rusted away. The body is in good nick and most of the interior is better than I thought it would be.

so what am I going to do......... it’s going to be a full restoration back to standard spec as it was when I bought it new in 2005... yes I could of gone out and bought another one in better condition but that would be the same.... I’ve even got the original order form with my name on as well as the Renault sport brochure and loads of other paperwork.

going forward I’m going to need some help please... with the first thing being it need new front seats, easy start you’d think! it’s a cup so the seat are like hens teeth... I could retrim mine so if anyone knows where to get the material from please let me know..

anyway thanks for having me I will keep you all updated hopefully with plenty of pics..

cheers Tedly

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  Lots of Scrap...
excellent! having the bill of sale in your name still etc is the icing on what could be a very cool project cake!
  Renault Clio 182 Cup
Good luck Ed!
I hope you are happy with the seats :)!
Cant wait to see the project thread and youtube channel!