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hello all!

just came in to say hello, im Tom!

was told bout this place by Louise!

im a fez boy atm but i will be on the lookout for a 16v soon!

should i get a silver one or a red one?! i cant make my mind up?!

thanks all!


You Red is the dogs dick, its fecking loverly but it isnt the same as the phase 1 red which i dont think is quite as nice as the others. The phase 1 red is often very slightly faded.

Looks like the colour argument is coming on again.

Na kev only dicking with u hows thing coming on with ures

My install is in just trying to get the sound how i like it thats proving to bbe a pain then its off to the paint shop for some colour coding

Think I spoke to you briefly on MSN.

Dunno, but Hello

Oh, and Blue is the way to go