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Hello everyone.

  Renault 1.2 TCe D4Ft
Hello everyone,

I am a proud owner of a Renault Wind 1.2 TCe with some modifications.
I like this car, because of the sporty design with the convertible roof.

Mods I did are the K&N panel filter, custom exhaust, sport muffler, ECU rescheduled to stage 1 with decat and Pop&Bangs.
By the way, turbo and stock intercooler were changed with new ones a month ago!

I like my car very much, my dad owns a Megane GT 2.0 DCI 163 hp and I destroy him with my Wind even on the highway from 130 to 170 km/h!!

My only problem that I can't figure out how to solve, is the incredible throttle delay that my engine has... it can't be that when I give 100% throttle, the car has to think twice before accelerating with 60% of throttle.
It's called "Fly-by-Wire" the system that uses the throttle.

Anybody here has a solution for that? A way to bypass?

Thanks in advance, greetings!
  Renault 1.2 TCe D4Ft
Hi Gio, someone should be along to answer you, if not, try Renaultsport on Facebook. Was the car live mapped?.
Hello there! :)
I will check now Renaultsport on Facebook, thanks for the advice!
No, my car wasn't live mapped, but the issue with the throttle was even before the remap.

All mechanics say the same, that I am the problem, since the throttle is fine. (At least for them).
It's because of the environment-friendly mode of the system.
Problem is, whenever I want to start fast at a traffic light, I stall the engine...........
Like I have to full throttle and after 2 seconds start pulling the clutch... annoying!