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Hello from France

  LHD Clio 172 mk1
Hi mates;
I am a french owner of a Clio RS1 (mk1 172); one of the first one, in grey titanium :cool:

I hope that I will find a lot of answers with your board.
Have fun :approve:
  LHD Clio 172 mk1
Thank you for this warm reception; in french=> merci pour cet accueil chaleureux.
It's rare on boards. :top:

trailerparktrev vbmenu_register("postmenu_1938801", true); yes; France is THE diesel country; what a pity!

smwrc your IK sound good.
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  172 2002
salut et bienvenu I'm French too been living here for too long lol and I have just picked up my new clio 172 cup today!!!!!!!!
  LHD Clio 172 mk1
  172 2002
Grumly2000 said:
Weeman I live near of Rambouillet; near of Versailles; near of Paris,1.763306&spn=0.412382,1.373291&om=1
I don't know Agen but my family lives in "Ariège" and in "Haute Garonne". The West South of France is a beautiful country.

Rhino16V thank's but only Darjeeling or Irish Breakfast for the taste :p

froggygwen salut le français expatrié; les croissants et les pains au chocolat te manquent pas? ;)
Hi Grumly's francaise lol the croissants can be found here, as well as baguettes and cheese I'm quite happy here hehehe I'm originally from Franche Comte though born in Nancy! but I have family in Lagny sr marne

enjoy the site ;)