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Hello...! !!

Hello everyone.
Im new here, Ive just got a 16v Clio
in blue....nice..! ! !
So, what should be the 1st thing I do
to my car then....K&N , Exhaust ...?????
Also IF I have a little water dripping
from the exhaust is that OK..?????
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Induction kit - Stick to Hill Power, but dont expect big benefits from this just a bit of noise! You need a good cold air feed for it to be Any better at all!!

Exhaust, again - nice sound but dont really expect any big gains, and be prepared for a bit of knocking which i found annoying personally, - apparently all after market exhausts knock - dont hold me to that but its something ive heard!!

Biggest difference would probably be Hill power chip, where the rev limiter will also be increased - this along with FSE Power Boost valve should have you on your way!

Also lowering it 30mm will make a huge difference!!!

Good luck anyway, sorry about the essay!

water droplets from zorst is fine mate, will disappear when exaust warms through properly. Thou if left to build up will rot your zorst, Dont give it chance and thrash it!!!