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Help 15s are catching!

Not even lowered it yet!

Okay calm down a bit.

I fitted my wheels today, 195/45/15 with an et38 offset

They are catching (only on full lock) in 2 places

1- The inside wall is catching at the back on the corner of the mud flap. - Should I trim the corner off with a stanley knife or just take the flaps off?

2- The inside wall at the front against the corner of the sh!t guard. (Is it ok to trim this as well or should I take the whole thing out?) Will loads of crap get into the engine bay then?

Thanks for any help. Its not really too drastic but not exactly what I was expecting considering ride is standard hight (AFAIK)

Thinking of sodding the planned 55-60mm drop now and just going 35mm - Too scared of that dreaded scccccccccccrubbbb noise!

take the mud flaps off.

and depends on how much the front are catching.. live with it. eventualy the tyre will burn the plastic away. or it may catch and rip the inner gaurd off!!

Mud flaps caused major noise when I fitted 15s with standard ride height on my old non-wide arch Clio. Ditch them and all will be fine. Go with a sensible 40mm drop at the front and there will be little to no rubbing. Back wheels could catch on bumper and inner arch with drastic lowering on rear.

cheers for the help I will take off the mudguards and maybe trim the corner of the plastic arch guard a little bit.

Yup think I will go for a fairly conservative 35-40mm drop now

(By the way is this a BEN only thread?)
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it aint now...;)

Ben(s) right, taking the mudflaps off will sort your problem out matey!!

Just make sure when u take em off you do a good job or it could be the start of rusty front arches!!

Defo get rid of the flaps, itll look better without anyway!

Mine ripped the flaps off the front itself anyway when i put 15s on stock ride height. Im surprised the back rubs tho.

Dont cut the sh*t guards, get a heat gun, melt them a bit then bend them out the way slightly. That way you dont actually damage anything and you still dont get sh*t in the engine.

Then get 40mm drop at the front and 2 torsion bar notches at the back, it shouldnt rub even with peeps in the back.
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Hi mate as Ben said get rid of the mud flaps ive got on mine 195/45/16s and they rub on full lock but apart from that they are fine and the car is lowered 35mm pluss the bk end is a bit lower with the weight of my subs.